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Girls Explore Dance, Explore Ballet, All Leveled Ballet Classes​​​​​

Skin tone footed tights, Skin tone or pink leather ballet shoes (levels 4 and 5 may have canvas) and leotard in style and color specified below

Note: We are making a change this year from using ballet pink tights and shoes to encouraging everyone to wear tights and shoes that match their skin tone.  Contact us for guidance if needed.

Explore Dance leotards have attached skirts.  For all other levels, no skirt is the preferred option.  However, short ballet skirts will be permitted (except for partnering classes).  Tutus are only to be worn during free dress weeks.

Leotard Color Levels
Explore Dance 4/5: Pink Theatricals Style 5517C or Pink Theatricals Style 5510C
Explore Dance 5/6: Lavender Theatricals Style 5517C
Explore Ballet 1 and 1/2: Light Blue Capezio Style CC400C 
Explore Ballet 2: White Capezio Style CC400C 
Ballet 1 and 1b: Pink Capezio Style CC400 
Ballet 2A: Lavender Capezio Style CC400 
Ballet 2B: Royal Capezio Style CC202 or Theatricals N5501 
Ballet 3: Burgundy Capezio Style CC202 or Theatricals N5501
Ballet 4: Hunter Capezio Style CC202 or Theatricals N5501
Ballet 5: Black Capezio Style CC202 or Theatricals N5501

Boys Explore Dance
• Plain White T- Shirt (clean, snug-fitting white t-shirts acceptable for Explore Dance and above, no logo shirts or dingy shirts.  
• Black tights or Leggings. No short cut-off tights.
• Black Leather Shoes

Boys Ballet
• "Wear Moi" V-Neck leotard (Altan – full seat version.)  OR White V-Neck shirt and dance belt.
• Black footed tights
• Black leather shoes

Guys Ballet 

"Wear Moi" V-Neck Atlan (Full Seat) or Ivan (thong) options OR White V-Neck shirt and dance belt.

Black footed tights (no short, cut-off tights)

Black leather shoes

Teen/Adult Ballet

Ballet shoes required.  Leotards and tights recommended, but leggings and reasonably fitted top okay too.  We want you to be comfortable, while allowing the teacher to see your form.

Dress Code for Extended Curriculum Classes: Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Character and Floor Barre

 Jazz and Musical Theatre: Black Canvas Jazz shoes; Black Jazz pants or unrestrictive clothes. Nothing too baggy and never jeans.  No bare midriffs.

Character: Black character shoes, black character skirt that hits at or below the knees; boys needs black jazz shoes.  Dancers will also need castanets.  Contact us for recommended sources.

Contemporary: Bare foot, Foot undies or Socks; Unrestrictive clothes; leotard and tights. Unrestrictive clothing. No Jeans or bare midriffs.

Lyrical: Bare foot, Foot undies or Socks; Leotard in color and style of choice; footless tights. Unrestrictive clothing. No Jeans or bare midriffs.

Tap: black tap shoes and clothing you can move in (no jeans or excessively baggy pants). 

Floor Barre: Unrestrictive clothes nothing too loose; cotton socks.

PrePointe students will need a heavy weight theraband.