Ballerina Superheroes

What is a superhero? A superhero has the power to make a difference in their world and chooses to use that power for good. Some superheros fly or have x-ray vision. What is consistent among all heroes are qualities like compassion and courage.

At Centralia Ballet Academy, we believe that dancers can and should have these same qualities. When a little girl comes and sees a ballerina leap across the stage, she sees someone who has the physical strength to appear to defy gravity. When that ballerina takes the time to talk to that little girl and encourage her, she truly becomes a superhero.

The Ballerina Superheros program at CBA is designed with two goals: to help our girls learn self-care and confidence and to help them see how they can use their "superpowers" for good.

We will kick off this year's program with "An Evening in Themyscira" on October 12th at CBA. The evening will include a class in stage combat, a session with our in-house licensed massage therapist on techniques the girls can use on themselves or friends, snacks and a visit from "Amazon of Olympia" who will talk about her own charity work as well as her work with Costumed Characters for Causes. Cost will be $15/girl. CBA girls ages 9 and up save the date and sign up at CBA (either location)!

Saturday, October 12th 
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM 
413 N Tower Ave. Centralia WA 98531

Centralia Ballet Academy